EMB designs and manufactures plants and electrical control panels for  industrial equipment.

The company's philosophy is the maximum collaboration with the Customer, so each project is customized, according to their needs, offering a complete service: design, construction, installation, software, testing and maintenance.

Contacting EMB you will have the certainty to deal with real experts in industrial automation, capable to perform accurate analyzes, and find efficient solutions for each type of plant.

Over the years we have developed automated systems for machines in the mechanical and food sectors either for the Italian and foreign market.

EMB has introduced automation, such as PLC (Siemens, Pilz), HMI (Siemens, ProFace) and programmable control systems also in the ropeway sector in public transport. This type of processing has been applied to funiculars reviewed recently such as in Caldaro, Genoa and Naples, and ski lifts to conveyor carpets destined for the European market, making the plants much more versatile facility to custom requirements.